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An apology from the author, if not the perpetrators


I do believe that Richard Pyle was a scape goat, a “dupe” for the three guys he admitted pressured him into writing the original letter.  Rick Pyle is a  nice person who got caught up in the heat of moment as a somewhat innocent bystander, without knowing the full story of both sides before writing and publishing the letter. 

Very shortly after the phone call I had with him, he did send an apology letter to me.  And since he sent it only to me, this is the first public airing of it, but, out of fairness to him, I wanted people to know that he did apologize.  As near as I can tell, Boyd, Stetler, Wise, or Tyson Kady had no input to this apology. 

Mr. Taylor Sullivan,

I am writing to apologize for a letter I sent to the organizers of the US Cup mountain bike series. I would like to state that I meant no harm to you personally and we only meant to provide feedback to the US cup organizers. I would also Like to apologize for statements in the letter that I did not personally witness that may have been detrimental to your character or business. I feel the letter may have been premature and I should have consulted you first regarding some of the statements before the letter was sent. Personally, I have always know you to be a courteous and friendly person and I personally regret sending a letter that contained potentially damaging information based on information passed on to me by others. I would also like to thank you for your efforts in helping to create local mountain biking events and enhancing the Mountain biking scene in the Greater Charlotte area. I realize organizing an event is not an easy task and takes a great deal of work and despite what myself and others may think of the quality of the event we should all appreciate that there is someone out there willing to do at all. Without folks like you willing to promote there would be no event at all. 

For these reasons I hope you will accept my personal apology.


Richard Pyle


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