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It’s Official… No 2010 Cowbell Challenge
January 8, 2010, 1:21 am
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Some may have already heard, but it’s a sad fact that we are retiring the Cowbell Challenge race.  Eight years of great memories, national caliber racing, $40,000 donated to a big range of causes, we can’t ask for more from our experiences.

Frankly it’s hard to understand how a few people with personal grudges can mess up such a good thing for so many.  Unfortunately that’s what we were contending with–4 or 5 people whose actions made it impossible to carry on with a volunteer event.  Organizing Cowbell consumed a lot of time, energy and personal cash, but we were glad to do it–doing well by doing good they call it.  Love of the sport and commitment to serving the community we call it…

Most of the intial pages on this blog were set up to provide the background as to why we retired Cowbell and rebutting the vicious lies that are at the center of our decision.  Read, think, post if you will, we’re happy to have a civil discourse.  More important, we want to share memories, photos with our hundreds of friends we made over the last eight years, while we figure out what we want to do next.


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Wow, i just read all this and feel bad that you guy cant work it out. That said, Cowbell was my first race, my oldest son and me had a GREAT father’s day weekend get a way. Fished, hung out. watched the Saturday endurance race and then competed Sunday. It was GREAT. Sorry to see it end, met some nice folks including Taylor and Connie, who were most helpful and encouraging to me.

Comment by Jon

Very sad news! Last year was my first Cowbell XC race and I really enjoyed it!! Was looking forward to it this year. Oh well. Thank you very much for the time and effort you put in to organizing such a great event. It will be missed. See you on the trails.

Comment by Tomattto

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